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What’s special about our manufacturing capability? It's the story of transformation thanks to The Unipart Way.

When Unipart was first privatised, the factories were dirty, our customers were unhappy and our employees disengaged. Exiting manufacturing was an option advocated by many, but our values demanded that we become the best at what we do. In 1987, we set out to learn from the best and to work with the best customers in the world.

Today we continue to manufacture original equipment components with all the necessary accreditation to be a first tier supplier to several prestige vehicle makers. Underpinning all our manufacturing is a commitment to making The Unipart Way the system to drive productivity improvements for our customers.

Unipart Manufacturing Group designs and manufactures exhaust systems, catalytic converters, fabricated manifolds and steel fuel tanks.  A joint venture in UMG, Kautex Unipart Ltd, manufactures plastic fuel tanks and fuel systems.

In the North of England we provide re-manufacturing services for the railways. Our Rail Service Centres return thousands of products to as-new condition, covering a wide range of railway materials from both infrastructure and rolling stock, thereby eliminating the need to procure new materials. In the Midlands, we have built the largest UK facility for repairing mobile phones.

Our manufacturing and service operations in the Middle East and the USA are leaders in heat transfer technology and the manufacture of radiators and heat recovery products for both the industrial and automotive markets. Serck Services designs, manufactures and services all types of heat exchangers with a worldwide reputation for effectiveness and durability. For more information, please visit: www.serckservices.co.uk

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