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Corporate Responsibility

Giant whale ‘Plasticus’ visits Unipart Nuneaton site

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emma | 12:31 PM UK time, Wednesday, 16 May

Sky’s Ocean Rescue whale ‘Plasticus’ turned more than a few heads when it appeared at the Unipart Logistics site in Nuneaton.

I’m incredibly proud of the hard work, creative thinking, and passion that our people have put into significantly reducing the usage of single-use plastic.

Unipart Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

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| 10:00 AM UK time, Tuesday, 20 June

It is the policy of Unipart that each company within the Unipart Group and each director, officer and employee of any Group company will comply in all respects with all applicable UK laws, and (in addition and where relevant) local laws of overseas countries, standards and principles relating to Modern Slavery in each of the jurisdictions in which a Unipart company trades, operates or has any other activity. Companies within the Group will establish and enforce effective compliance procedures including their supply chains.

Unipart is committed to conducting business transparently, honestly, openly and fairly.

Read our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

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frank | 12:50 PM UK time, Tuesday, 05 January

This Corporate Responsibility report sets out how we structure and govern ourselves in relation to corporate responsibility, and highlights in more detail our key areas of focus and performance during the year. The stories and case studies that lie behind this performance can be found on this website.

Unipart Group is proud to have ranked amongst the top 6 companies in the UK - achieving 5 Stars in the Business in the Community (BiTC) Corporate Responsibility Index

Unipart Rail shortlisted for Cheshire Business Corporate Responsibility Award

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| 9:49 AM UK time, Thursday, 15 October

Watch the video about Unipart Rail's corporate responsibility programme.

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of everything we do

Unipart Logistics Saves Money and Resources at the Same Time

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frank | 2:24 PM UK time, Friday, 07 June

When the electrical immersion system at our Honeybourne site needed replacing, our team of eco-friendly engineers looked for a way that would not only heat water, but that could utilise excess heat from a warm area of the building and transfer it to the water system – whilst still reducing our running and maintenance costs. Our team found a solution which is 400% efficient as opposed to the older immersion system, which was typically 95% efficient. Unipart was able to reduce running costs by approx £546 per year, and provide a means of cooling our hot areas, such as the kitchen. Another great example of our engineers thinking about a problem in a different way and coming up with a solution ... Click here to read more