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Developing responsible and inclusive employment practices that ensure high quality people are recruited and developed to meet the needs of the business.

It is fundamental to our intertwined corporate responsibility and business strategy to engage, develop and reward every single employee. We have a large and diverse workforce; we work hard to meet their needs and enable them to continuously improve, to develop their own abilities and their contribution to the business.

Learning Culture

The Unipart mission is to develop, train and inspire people to achieve World Class performance within Unipart Group and among its stakeholders. Fundamental to this is training in The Unipart Way with the aim of developing our employees as experts in this’ Lean’ way of working.

‘Gate to Great’ was launched in 2007 as the latest milestone in Unipart’s learning journey. This is a long-term strategic programme aimed at creating Expert Practitioners, who are fully competent in the Unipart Way tools & techniques, to work both internally and with our growing range of external clients.

Empowerment to Solve Problems

OCC problem solving circles are a core part of the Unipart Way and central to Unipart’s corporate responsibility approach. The process allows every employee to continuously improve working methods, reduce waste, and to tap into the Unipart-wide pool of knowledge. It inspires people to solve problems at their own level and gives them a toolkit to be able to do so.

High levels of participation are encouraged and improvement is driven through the Unipart Way Audit process and a network of OCC Champions. As a result:

  • 87% of employees participated in OCCs in 2008
  • £2.9 million of bottom line cost savings were made.

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