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Unipart Manufacturing on Sky News

We were very pleased to be able to host the Sky News team in our Unipart Powertrain Applications (UPA) manufacturing plant in Coventry.  

Sky News' business presenter Ian King covered the announcement of the Government's summer budget with a number of broadcasts featuring our high pressure gasoline direct injection manufacturing line as well as interviews with Unipart people.

The automotive industry has been established as one of the most productive in the UK. The Deputy Governor of the Bank of England in a speech to the Automotive Fellowship International, of which our Chairman John Neill is the President, said: 

“If productivity in the UK economy as a whole had grown in the same way as in the car industry, and employment generally had grown as it did, the economy would now be 30% or £½ trillion larger."

During the broadcasts, we had the opportunity of explaining how “The Unipart Way” can solve the productivity puzzle which appears to have baffled economists in the United Kingdom for decades.

Unipart Group has championed the productivity challenge in our country for over 25 years, and the work that has been done to create The Unipart Way ecosystem is increasingly seen as the most comprehensive and practical answer to Britain’s productivity challenge.