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Mark in Action

Mark In Action Awards recognise those individuals and teams who live up to the goal of making the Unipart brand the mark of outstanding personal customer service.

Through Mark In Action, Unipart encourages its employees to provide world class levels of productivity, quality and customer service. The programme prides itself in recognising both large and (what may appear on the surface) small actions, which often go unrecognised in other companies.


3,000 employees awarded with Mark in Action
12th of July is the next Ceremony

Mark in Action Winners Make the News!

A team from Unipart Logistics - Sky recently received a Mark in Action Award for their hard work planning and delivering the launch of Sky's new mobile proposition. They went above and beyond to help make this launch a big success. In addition to receiving the award, presenters from Sky Sports News recorded a special message for the team, which you can watch here.

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Harry Potter & the Cursed Book Hub

When Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was launched, Waterstones received 130k internet pre-orders. This was the biggest volume of pre-orders that Waterstones has ever experienced and there was no room for error. However, when things outside the team’s control started to go wrong, it seemed that it was a case of Harry Potter and the Cursed Book Hub.

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60 Minutes and Counting...

One of our clients needed help and our team at Weedon, Northamptonshire were just the people to step up to the challenge.

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Keeping our customers on track...

Unipart Rail supplies and installs a broad range of rail infrastructure products such as signals, cables, overhead line and level crossing parts. One day, one of our engineers was on site and overheard a couple of Network Rail engineers discussing a thorny problem that they had. Scott thought he might just have a solution for them...

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