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All I Want For Christmas...Is A Blockade!

When most of us were sipping sherry and tucking into mince pies, this amazing team from Unipart Rail pulled out all the stops to make sure that critical equipment was delivered trackside over the Christmas period.

Unipart Rail was asked by their customer to provide an extraordinary call-out service over Christmas to coincide with engineering works that were scheduled on the rail network. Without hesitation, the team volunteered to put a 24 hour service in place which included Christmas and Boxing Day. Even though this team had never worked together before, and were not necessarily familiar with the product lines, they were not daunted.

And even when the customer called on Christmas Day, the team were still not fazed. They loaded up materials at seven o’clock in the evening and, in some very snowy conditions, drove them personally to the customer site. More materials were needed on Boxing Day – the team again responded swiftly and managed to get the critical parts delivered on time.

The customer was extremely surprised but very appreciative of the effort and commitment that every member of this team went to, in order to make sure that passengers were not let down.

A great example of agility, flexibility and personal commitment to the customer by another amazing Unipart team.