Rail Construction & Maintenance

Unipart Group Australia is your performance improvement partner for construction and maintenance projects.

Rail Maintenance

Innovative global solutions and equipment for railway maintenance and repair projects.

Unipart Group Australia and Thomson Engineering Design are working in partnership to deliver innovative solutions to improve the safety, productivity and efficiency of railway maintenance and repair projects on a worldwide basis.
The extensive range of equipment is designed to fit with almost all existing global based Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) and rail based equipment, and can be modified to fit within an existing range, offering complete flexibility.
The product range covers all parts of the rail infrastructure including handling equipment for rails, sleepers and track panels as well as solutions for clipping and de-clipping, ballast and trackbed, cable and electrification, signals and crossings, barriers and access, adaptor heads and road haulage.

You may also be interested in these track maintenance solutions

tCat Mobile Mapping

Improving efficiency by providing precise real-time OLE measurements, using LIDAR, laser and camera technology.

Gripple SwiftLine Rail Dropper

Streamlining OLE Installations by lowering dropper installation and repair times.

Sicut Sleepers

Sicut’s sustainable composite railway sleepers are turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s track infrastructure.

tCat Mobile Mapping

Geometry measurement for Overhead Line Catenary systems.

The Telice tCat ‘OLE Mobile Mapping’ provides simple, precise real-time measurement of geometric parameters within a railway environment.

It provides LIDAR, laser and camera technology to survey Overhead Line and track clearances, obtaining precise real-time measurements. It also has a foldable design for ease of transport.

Gripple SwiftLine Rail Dropper

Up to 8 times faster to install than traditional droppers.

With the Gripple SwiftLine Rail Dropper, conductive catenary droppers can be fully installed up to 8 times faster than traditional cable droppers.

The unique catenary hanger design enables the quick and easy installation of each dropper. The droppers can then be adjusted left and right along the messenger wire in seconds, using the lockable release cams, rapidly increasing the speed and efficiency of both installation and repair.

Sicut Sleepers

Turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s track infrastructure.

Sicut’s sustainable composite railway sleepers deliver superior performance, enhanced value and significant environmental benefits.

Unipart Group Australia has teamed up with Sicut Enterprises to exclusively distribute Sicut composite railway sleepers in Australia and New Zealand