Specialist Rail Products

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We offer a wide range of world class rail products and technologies across Traction & Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Signalling & Traffic Management, and Depot Operations. 

With our intimate understanding of the rail industry, the products and technologies used, and the supporting supply chain, our products and parts are backed by our safety and quality assurance processes, technical support and warranty.

Traction & Rolling Stock


Signalling & Traffic management

Rail Depots

Traction and Rolling Stock

Passenger and freight operators, train builders, and maintainers the world over benefit from our rolling stock products, components and supply chain efficiencies.

Traction & Rolling Stock Products & Components

We have all you need - our diverse range includes interior and exterior components, consumable components, heavy engineering and workshop products.

Condition Based Maintenance Systems

Our Condition Monitoring technology range delivered by Unipart Rail company Instrumentel, massively transforms maintenance regimes so that assets are in service for longer and service episodes are controlled by asset condition intelligence.

Public Transport Connectivity and Passenger Experience

Through our partners we offer a range of proven technology solutions, (wi-fi, passenger information systems, cooling systems), focused on improving the journey for the customer.

Refurbishments & Obsolescence Management

We are experts in refurbishing a range of legacy and traditional rolling stock parts and components – talk to us about how we can assist in product lifecycle extension.

TrackCircuitAssistor (TCA®)

The Unipart Rail TCA® system improves track circuit shunting when wheels and rails are rusty - improving the safety and reliability of train detection.


Unipart Rail manufactures the TPWS track & signalling interface, driver interface, and supply & control products and technologies.


Whether you are a rail Infrastructure owner, operator or contractor you can rely on us for track infrastructure solutions that increase performance, sustainability and safety.

Rail Construction and Maintenance

Unipart Group Australia is your performance improvement partner for rail and track construction and maintenance, overhead line, and lineside safety equipment.

Composite Sleepers and Bearers

Unipart Group Australia has teamed up with Sicut Enterprises to exclusively distribute Sicut composite railway sleepers in Australia and New Zealand. A globally proven technology, Sicut Composite Sleepers are manufactured from a unique blend of recycled plastics, reinforced with glass fibre.

Other Rail Infrastructure Products

The extensive experience of Unipart Rail in all rail infrastructure disciplines, including Permanent Way, Overhead line, Level Crossings, Cable and Power Supply means that we know exactly what it takes to get the job done.

Signalling and Traffic Management

We offer consultancy, design, manufacture and supply of signalling and traffic management products

LED Signals and Solutions

Unipart Dorman products include a complete range of market-leading LED signals and solutions for all aspects of Railway Signalling, Traffic Management solutions, Hazard Warning lamps and Vehicle Activated Signs.

Life Extension Solutions

Through Park Signalling we provide a range of performance enhancing and life extending services and products for signalling systems. Our solutions cover the life cycle of signalling systems spanning design and development, application engineering, prototype manufacture, repair and consultancy. 

Depot Operations

Specialised Services & Supplies for Railway Depots


Unipart’s SmartServe solution is a smarter way of providing all of a company’s material requirements to the point of use –enabling our customers to focus on their core operations and maintenance activities.


Unipart Rail’s TrackPan system is designed and engineered to protect the environment from contamination caused by spillage and leaks on the rail network. It is a modular system and fits into existing track without the need to lift or modify the track.

Tunnel Inspection

Capture visual and thermal images with one recording sweep.

Did you know…

Unipart Group Australia offers more than rail products – for over 20 years Unipart has also been delivering transformational supply chain solutions
for global rail networks.